Question from Ned-666

What will happen if I try to have a second girlfriend?

Like above.

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LarsonSier answered:

Assuming it is like the third one, you generally have 60days before a social link is reversed(IE them being pissed at you and having to hang out with them a lot before you can rank up again) When in a 'relationship', every time you hung out with another girl, the max time would be 15 days left. Thus, if you hung out with a different girl four times, the social link would then reverse. Once you maxed a social link, there were no penalties. I assume the same is probably the case here. Just be sure to hang out with each of them at least once a week or a two until it's maxed and you'll be fine.
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Trailfoot answered:

I've got two girlfriends now... there doesn't seem to be a penalty. However, the first one's link was maxed out before I started dating the second... I'm not sure if there's a penalty (like reversing the link) that doesn't apply to maxed links.
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Blackbird862000 answered:

There is no penalty it just now you have to balance your time between the two...
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