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Early dialog options with "not enough courage," how do you get enough Courage?

Some dialog options say that you don't have enough Courage to say it. I understand for some of the ones in Social Links or later on in the game, but I specifically remember it sometimes happened when it's impossible to have enough Courage at the time (like the first time you're given a dialog option that requires "more Courage" - you only had a single chance to raise the stat before it happens, and that isn't enough to level it up).

Is there a way to get Courage early for these choices, or do you have to do New Game+ (assuming there is one) with your saved stats to get them?

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Trailfoot answered:

New Game+. The outcomes of those dialog options are bonus material for your second playthrough.
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savior_takeshi answered:

You have to use New Game+ to answer those questions. Your Social stats would carry over from you first playthrough
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BryanVonRed answered:

You can increase your courage point by doing this:

Working Part time in Hospital.
Eating the rotten food in your fridge.
Eating the special Ramen at Aiya (3000 Yen)
Read the Man Series
Defeating the Bonus boss at dungeons.
Certain choices made in the game can increase Courage.

But usually, for early dialog options, you must play it in 2nd playthrough in new game+ as your status will carry over from the 1st playthrough.
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