Question from Jeric735

What are the most "useful" Personas? (See description)

By useful, I mean, like one that is very diverse and can continue to grow through a large number of level-ups (like 15-30)

An example of this would be Black Frost, as he's been my most helpful Persona so far.

Jeric735 provided additional details:

Hmmm okay, good.
Right now I'm Lv.51 in Naoto's dungeon with Lv.54 Succubus with Invogorate 3, and I'm gonna fuse Incubus + Pazuzu + Succubus on Lv.53 to make Lilith.

Accepted Answer

Sushi_Absolute answered:

Any persona with invigorate at the early levels
As according to my level 17 Sarasvati (Invigorate 2)>Titania(Invigorate 2)>Queen Mab>And so on..

But this wont last past Naoto's Dungeon.
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