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Is it possible for the MC do be straight but have other male characters fall in love with you?

I'm now Rank 9 on Yosuke's Social Link and just right now, he just told me that I am special to him. I'm pretty scared he's hitting on me

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rikku32 answered:

Only certain s-links can be your lovers/girlfriends.No male s-links can.
The only ones are----Chariot (Chie)---High Priestess (Yukiko)---Lovers(Rise)---Fortune (Naoto)--Moon (AI) and Sun (either Yumi or Ayane).
If you been paying attention to his story,he's a troubled youth/has a lot of things going on in his life.You helped him out and he's just saying thanks,by saying your special to him.
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KingCyrus20 answered:

None of the male characters fall in love with you.
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