Question from ishimaru_21

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I beat Shadow Mitsuo?

Well...i lose from this guy.
What level would be the best to face this guy???
And what's the strategy???

Additional details - 6 years ago

Hm...and what persona's recommended????

Accepted Answer

From: Lavaria 6 years ago

well, it is a pretty strong boss, since it does not has a weakness, and sometimes it uses the wall (Red Wall, White Wall,etc) to increase its resistance to elements. I defeated this guy at lvl 44, and the rest of the party is about the same. Just keep attacking/casting spells. im sure that you already have the garula/agilao/bufula/zionga by that time. at the beginning of the battle, the shadow build a robot-like armor(i dont remember what it is called, lol). keep attacking until it destroy, than you can do the all-out attack. it will stay in the baby form for a while, then it will start to build the armor again. keep attacking it and dont let it take the chance to rebuild the armor. in my case, i had to defeat the armor twice. repeat the step until the end. i hope this helps.

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