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How to get through Magatsu Inaba?

I'm on the second level of Magatsu Inaba, and I've run into a "strong force" sealing an area, much like Void Quest. Where am I supposed to find the item I need, or where is the monster I'm supposed to fight?

KrystalCelest provided additional details:

Can you possibly elaborate on that?

KrystalCelest provided additional details:

Can you possibly elaborate on that, Omi?

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Omi926 answered:

when the reach the sealed door because of the strong force in the 2nd floor of Magatsu Inaba were there is no exit once you entered and it wont let you through rise will say something so after that go back to the center of the area were you see a large hole in the floor it will lead to the Magatsu Inaba world and it will be like all the other dungeons but the bosses will be on every few floors which will be a very high levels
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Zyrein answered:

Yes, on the 2nd floor go through the hole, The boss' are on the 3rd and 6th floor. Bring something with you to get back down from the 6th floor though.
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Dewcrystal answered:

After you reach the caution tape that blocks your way and Rise tells you that you cannot go forward, backtrack down the center path of the map until you come across an area with a hole in the middle of it. Investigate the hole, and your party will jump down and enter the true dungeon area.
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