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How do I unlock fight with Margaret?

I have done everything I was supposed to but when I tried to re enter the Velvet Room after obtaining the Orb of Sight, it says I have no reason to be here. The only thing that I can think of is that when it says completing Magatsu Inaba in all the guides I have read, the guides mean the mini boss, instead of Adachi. Because I defeated the mini boss before I finished the Social Link with Margaret and then I fought Adachi. If I did this wrong, I am going be a whole new level of pissed off. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?

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rikku32 answered:

Try going to this website (persona4.wikidot) once you get there look for 2nd cycle & secret bosses. It will say SPOILER on True Ending, Death, World, & Secret boss. There is an explaination how to do it.
On your 2nd playthrough, you may also get a Indigo Invitation card from Igor if you go fo the true ending route and have fulfilled certain conditions. For that, you go to Heaven dungeon and challenge Margaret.
As of now confirmed conditions for this event are:
Obtained True ending on 1st playthrough, 2nd cycle or later, Empress social link maxed before finishing Magatsu Inaba dungeon, the secondary bosses of each dungeon are defeated before finishing Magatsu Inaba dungeon, on 3/20, once you followed the True Ending path and faced Izanami, you Must enter the Velvet Room BEFORE ENTERING TV WORLD. You will find yourself alone with Margaret and she will request a fight at the top floor of the Heaven dungeon.If you enter the velvet room after entering the TV World, YOU WON"T GET INVITATION.
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