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Can I quit Yomotsu Hirasaka?

I started the very last dungeon thinking it would be easy... But it isn't, really. My HP quickly drains and my SP's going down even faster. I hardly have any items to restore these things, too. Is it possible to just go back and get the normal ending or do I have to keep going until the end?

KJman456 provided additional details:

Drat... I already saved when I was in the hub. I guess I'll try my best to get Rise's level up to 77 and get Relaxing Wave. Thanks.

Accepted Answer

rikku32 answered:

I believe that if you saved your game before starting the last dungeon you can do the normal ending.I also believe that you can leave the dungeon and go out and buy items, but once your finished buying items you automaticlly go back to the dungeon.If you go to the Board Section for this game,towards the bottom of the page you wil see an option( Search topics ) just type in ---Yomotsu Hirasaka. The are several topics about this subject .
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