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Asked: 6 years ago

Why can't I enter the Pharmacy?

Also, if I can't go to the pharmacy, where should I buy all my potions and stuff?

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From: SilentSavior251 6 years ago

Pharmacy doesnt play a role in the story, all you need is to go to the Shiroku store at the shopping district. Its just near the Marukyu store

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You have to go to the Shiroku Store, its at the end of the south shopping district. It has a vending machine in front of it, if that helps.

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The only part the Pharmacy played in the game was to give Saki a place to live. All consumable items (medicines, ailment-healing) can be purchased from the Shiroku Store. It is right next to the tofu shop, and has two busted capsule machines in front of it.

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The pharmacy is always closed.

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