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Why doesnt this game work?

I just bought a new Persona 4, for my slim ps2, when i put the disc in, it just brought me to " please insert a playstation or playstation 2 format disc", I dont know whats wrong, i know its not the lens cause my other games work fine, and my ps2 is not such a old model, because my Kingdom Hearts RE: Chains of Memories works fine and it came after Persona 4, so is it the disc?

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Well my ps2 is not the old 2004 slim ones, its the 2007-2008 one. And i think the disc is faulty, but whats funny is the soundtrack works perfectly. And can you even replace it, because I already opened it?

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By the way can you even exchange it if you already removed the plastic rap?

dragonzhaoyun provided additional details:

Also, what are the chances you can even get a faulty disc? This is the 1st time it happened to me

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AzureLivesOn answered:

It is very well possible that you just have a faulty disc, which happens. Return it and replace it.

It should be noted that having a 'slim' PS2 is not a safety net for the standard issues that plagued the PlayStation 2's lifespan. If anything, 'slim' PS2s have shown to be more succeptable- especially earlier models of the slimmer designed system- to said problems due to lack of a proper cooling unit. The 'slim' debuted in 2004, 3 years after the PS2 came out and around when earlier models started showing signs of age. Seeings how we're cresting into 4 years and counting (not to mention a newer generation being released), disregarding the system as an issue because of what it is should never be an option.

In other words, keep an eye on it.
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Shadow_Raito answered:

well mine works well...i'm used the original fat works fine,i just got the true ending...
maybe it's the disk...but hey my KH re:chain of memories didn't can't save the game
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