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How to fight adachi?

Anyone, please tell me how to fight adaihi?
How to fight izanami?

Jesse_Dylan asked for clarification:

Jeez, spoiler. I didn't even know this event occurred.

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huyxxx answered:

Firstly, if your question is about how to confront Adachi, then when confronting Namatame on Dec 3rd, choose options that both stop your comrades from throwing him in the TV and suggest a different deducting direction. Specifically, choose these options in order:
-Wait a second here...
-We're missing something.
-Namatame's true feelings.
-Something's been bothering me.
-We're missing something...
-Calm the hell down!
Then the game will let you proceed further into good ending with Adachi as the last boss if you suggest that he is the true culprit (on Dec 5th, after asking everyone in Inaba 2 questions about the murder incidents).
Secondly, about Izanami's confrontation: After defeating Adachi, on Mar 20th, you should be leaving Inaba. Don't leave too soon, speak to everyone you have established a social link with. Here is how to find them:
-Lovers: Shopping District [South]
-Priestess: Amagi Inn. Use the bus stop in the Shopping District.
-Tower: Shopping District [South]
-Hermit: Shrine in the Shopping District.
-Chariot: Shopping District [South]
-Devil: The Hospital you worked at. Use the bus stop.
-Strength: In the diner that you can eat at to raise your stats.
-Hanged Man: Shopping District [North]
-Temperance: Visit the Day Care center you worked at.
-Justice: Select the Dojima Residence off of the city map.
-Hierophant: Select the Dojima Residence off of the city map. Only do this
after talking to everyone.
-Death: Samegawa Flood Plain [Riverbed]
-Moon: Enter the school and check around the first floor.
-Star: Junes Food Court.
-Magician: Junes Food Court.
-Fortune: Enter the school and check around the first floor.
-Sun: Depending on which club you chose, visit either the Music or Drama room
at the school.
Choose "No" when the game asks you if you want to go home. Go to Junes, check the elevator and the game will ask you the same question again - again, choose "No" and check the elevetor once more, pick "I'm not finished yet". After the scene, return to the entrance of your home and talk to Nanako. Now, go to the Velvet room and Igor will give you the Item necessary to defeat the true enemy. This is the final moment of truth - confront the gas station attendant and ask 'her' a few questions (talk to her again and again if she dodges your questions) regarding your arrival, Adachi and Namatame,and finally your power. She should be evading your questions most of the time but be patient and she should show her true self as Izanami. After the scene, going inside the TV will let you face her as the final boss.
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Shadow_Raito answered:

Well2 just don't throw namatame to the tv...
for izanami after talking to your max friend after beating adachi go to junes food court,
choose "no" and then "i still have something unfinished" then chek elevator...
after that go to riverbed talking with dojiama & nanako and went to velvet room
after that speak to the gas staion attendant...

hope this can help you ~_^
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kingkong09 answered:

Just bring yoshitsune because adachi will be doing physical attacks only and yoshitsune is immune to physical.
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