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How do I beat Avenger Kinght?

I have played until I had to save Yukiko. Then, I must fight against Avenger Knight. Once it used skewer, it targeted me and I lost. How can I beat it?

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Mathurin47 answered:

Use Slime for it's innate physical resistance. It shouldn't one-shot you without a lucky crit, but your allies might need some buffs to survive.
Sukunda's nice for the evasion, but I prefer Tarunda to lower the enemies attack power. Even better, Slime gets it at 3.
If you are low on SP (I was), burn through the rest of your SP on random encounters, leave for the day and face him fresh another day. If you've gotten enough loot drops you can get some slightly better equipment from Diadara's which might help too.
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IzanagiOkami answered:

It's an easy battle,just keep attacking it.If you want to get easier,just use "Sukunda".It will make Your foe hit/evasion rate down for 3 turns.And Your foe attack will more often "miss",So you can save some HP.
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