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Good Personae for Heaven onward? (Spoilers...sorta?)

I don't feel mine are good. xD
What are some good ones to have going into Heaven onward, and for taking on Izanami-no-Okami? Recipes for them, please; the FAQs don't seem to have them.

Accepted Answer

xiauxun answered:

Yoshitsune with Arms Master Skill and Auto-Masuku is a killing machine, note : fuse it when your Tower S-Link is Maxed and fuse it on the day when the fusion forecast is Bonus S-Link Exp, it will give you 7 Level Extra which Yoshitsune will ended up at Lvl 82 from the fusion, it means you just need 1 more level to make Yoshitsune learned Hassou Tobi
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ChaosRuler21 answered:

any of the final s link personas. what realy helps is fusing personas with enduring soul. my seig was a beast enduring soul, power charge, god hand, mediarama. covered my offence and defence. also bring snuff soul to the fight it helps alot, 3 or 4. with this inazami will be fine.
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