Question from IzanagiOkami

Which is better ?

Persona 3 , P3 FES , or Persona 4 ?

Accepted Answer

KingRat23000 answered:

P4>P3 imho.
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nutxy12_345 answered:

In gameplay i think P4>P3 but in the relationship on the others i'd say P3 FES > P4
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Zyrein answered:

P3 = p3 Fes with a added on story. P3 Story Wise is more stable. P4 is constantly Changing. Fes is just Extracontent. depends on taste.
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henryusa1 answered:

Persona 3 has a more entertaining storyline. Persona 4 is not as long as P3 but the gameplay is pretty good but that depends of the player.
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JudgementArcana answered:

In terms of storyline and social links, it really depends on player tastes. I personally like Persona 4 better. Persona 3: Fes is the expanded version of Persona 3; that is, it's Persona 3 with a few added gimmicks and an epilogue story. If you were to pick one or the other, I'd go with Fes. The Persona 4 battle system is better than 3, or so it seems to me.
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