Question from IzumiCurtis

Asked: 6 years ago

On what floor can I find Kanji??

I only have one day left to save Kanji and when I got to the 8th floor, it kept going....So yea, what floor is he on?

Additional details - 6 years ago

Thanks so much! I so wasn't prepared for all those extra levels...I just decided to go back a week. -_-;

Accepted Answer

From: lock_e_dge 6 years ago

Kanji is waiting for you on the eleventh floor. Make sure to look at a guide before facing him to see if you can do it, otherwise you might be in a spot of trouble with no days left to level-grind. I was at level 24 and managed, just so you know, and I didn't bother with Tough Guy at all. Anyway, good luck!

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