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Does this happen to anyone else?

I just got a new copy of persona 4 on my ps2 a couple days ago. There seems to be a problem when I am talking to people in the game. Whenever i have to choose a response and scroll up and down, the picture of the person I am talking to skews a little and so does the background and anything that is on the same height as the response. by skew i mean moves to side a little bit. i don't know what's wrong. does anyone else have this problem? if not then i think something is wrong with my playstation. please help

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I tried it on another ps2 and there is no problem. so i guess it's my playstation :( thanks though

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Whippet_basic answered:

I've never seen this problem. Sounds like either a problem with your PS2 or with the disc. Do you know someone else with a PS2 you could try it on. If you want to be sure what you are seeing is incorrect, try searching for Persona 4 videos on Youtube until you find one that covers a part where it's glitchy for you.
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