Question from Jeric735

Can I get Izanagi-No-Okami as a regular Persona?

I know Persona 4's gotta have an Izanagi equivelant to Orpheus Telos so, I figure Izanagi-No-Okami as a fuseable Persona, or some other ultimate Persona.

Jeric735 provided additional details:

Oh okay, I won't be able to get him right away though, because I got the True Ending but didn't max out Naoto's S. Link.

Accepted Answer

Thanatos_FES answered:

Yup, you have to see the True Ending first, and then in your second cycle you can make him after July 10th. I think hes level 91, and a dodecagon fusion, including the max Fortune persona, Norn. So if you want him in your second playthrough, make sure to max Fortune on the first run.
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