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How do I beat Amenosagiri?

I had sp shortage after fight adachi, i die if i dun use magic. I'm just tht weak x_x

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projectgenesis answered:

Try to leveled up until u got every last skill of ur main party... it really helped a lot...
with relaxing and healing wave, u can leveled up until u bored... ^^

when fighting adachi, use phys skill to save sp
try to have an ishtar with her divine grace and heal ur party once in a while... yukiko sp is a lot but she consumed a lot too...

amenosagiri is a lot more pain in the butt than adachi... if u have trumpeter, use debilitate... when he use mind charge, guard... after that, just use any skill u have...

did it help?? reply to me! ^^
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I_Hate_Fanboys9 answered:

More info on your lvl and persona would help but I had a chakra ring on yukkiko to halve her SP cost, but the key is on saving your sp for ameno, and while fighting ameno keep guarding after mind charges or his eye beam will fry you. Most people recommend Trumpeteer for these fights but I used Siegfried.
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Keldean answered:

I'd recommend Matarukaja and Rakunda, because with low SP, you need to be able to beat the boss as fast as possible.
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Alessar answered:

It's generally recommended you use a SOMA on your party after the fight with Adachi to fully restore your party. You can obtain one from doing the second cat-feeding quest, and there's also one given earlier in the game after one of the other fixed boss fights. If you don't have that, then use other SP restoring items. A "Guardian" fish, a Soul Food, or one of the scarabs given by the teacher who sends you on quests fully restore a character's SP. Use those on characters with large SP pools, use other items on those with lesser needs.
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fantasymaster45 answered:

the team i used was Naoto, Yosuke,and Yukiko with them only 3 people use sp so just have Yukiko heal your team and have Naoto use hp based attacks and Yosuke can go either way but with mc try to have a persona that can recover your SP little by little each turn since the batlle can be ended quickly with the use of Rakunda and Matarukaja so keep this up till the end of Adachi.
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reccaenjutsushi answered:

It'll be reaaaly easy if you level up and get helel with at least null physical skill. I think magatsu mandala 6 is the perfect place to get experience. I leveled my MC to 99 there.
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