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Asked: 6 years ago

The Stickers??? how to use

how do you stickers you get off of tanakas shows they say mail in 3 for a prize. Can i really mail in them? if so where.

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From: IzumiCurtis 6 years ago

Go to the shopping district (south) and there will be a mail box next to the weapon shop.

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Shopping district (south part infront of weapon shop) (noth part infront of yukiko's house (textile shop) rare set's better, gives u snuff, homunculus etc usefull item, plentyfull set gives u healing items

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Plentiful set gives you several of the same common item. It is not always healing items, it could be firecrackers or ice cubes, for example.

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u'll get "prize sticker" if u buy any item from Tanaka TV, when u hav 3 "sticker" just mail it (at red mailboxs found at Shoping District south or north)..

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