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How do i get the key for the secret boss?

I have play P4 four times already, this is the fourth and the third than i get the path to the true final but Igor don`t gave me the key this time either (just like the second time)
However, this time i can access to Izanagi no Ookami`s fusion (the last time i can`t)

I must say that this playtrought i started using the second true final as a base

Iron2202 provided additional details:

Ok, i gonna try enter in the Velvet Room after i finish this playtrought, because i already defeated all the second bosses of the dungeons and maxed out the Empress S.Link

Thanks for the help

Accepted Answer

rikku32 answered:

I got this from persona4.wikidot: You need to do all of the following to get secret boss.
Obtained the true ending in first playthrough,on 2nd cycle or later.
Empress social link HAS to be maxed before finishing Matatsu Inaba dungeon. The secondary bosses of all dungeons are defeated before finishing Matatsu Inaba dungeon.

On 3/20 once you followed the true ending path and faced Izanami, you MUST enter Velvet Room BEFORE entering the TV WORLD. You will find yourself alone with Margaret and she will request a fight at the top of Heaven dungeon. IF YOU ENTER THE VELVET ROOM AFTER ENTERING THE TV WORLD YOU WON'T GET THE INVITATION.
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