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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I solve Optional Boss in Yukiko's castle?

I was wondering if I would be able to beat this boss at my leisure or if I would have to do it before the next bit of story progression. I guess this question applies to any optional boss in the game.

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From: Mynx_ 6 years ago

It is open until the end of the game. The boss is super easy if you do it after the next dungeon, which is what I would suggest for a first play through.

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You can beat bonus bosses any time you want, but keep in mind that defeating it asap is usefull as it gives a great weapon for yukkiko.

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Bonus bosses also add courage.

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Easiest way it's to up 3 lvls more than when u beat yukiko's shadow and ur done :3 i lvld 4 more tho it's up to u, but with 3 lvls more it's ok

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Try to have a persona with the Tarunda ability lower the enemy attacks. the, do your thing a jump that boss.

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Just use Tarunda to lower the boss attacks. Your party level should be around 20 for easy win because his Rampage skill can kill your party in single turn. I recommend using a Persona that strong in physical affinity to prevent your MC death(Game Over). After victory, you will gain Yukiko's weapon which increase her SP 50 point.

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For this boss, it is gonna be HELL if you're underleveled since rampage OHKO's your entire party. Trust me, I experienced it personally. Best way is to level up a bit in Kanji's dungeon and then go back to own the optional boss

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Eh, I beat him with MC at 17 and others at 15-16. I just lowered his defense, use full assault order (whatever that attack increasing item), and start pounding him before he uses rampage.

I get my MC to use rakunda and bufu, Yosuke use Sonic punch, Chie use Bufu, Yukiko for healing. I win in 6-7 turns barring any crits and/or rampages (got lucky once, only Yukiko died and the others dodged).

Granted, I actually needed to restart a few times before winning.

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Use an electric persona. With rakunda he goes down quite easy.

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Just make sure your having a strong persona a ok level and if its your second round if you want go pick up a really powerful one and destroy it

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Get two of Eagle Eye accesories that gives you evade phys. You can found it inside rare chest in the castle. Get slime to level 7 to learn resist phys, then create any spellcaster type persona by using the slime as an ingredients, to make it inherit resist phys.

Don't forget to cast Rakunda, though.

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Easiest way is to go there after finishing "Steamy Bathhouse."

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