How to get True Ending?

  1. How??

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    I cant open www.persona4.wikidot
    Maybe you forget to put .com on there?

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  1. Aaaaaaa

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Other Answers

  1. There are a lot of things to do, so the best I can do is guide you to a website. www.persona4.wikidot is the website. Once you get there, look for monthly walkthrough and go to December. On 12/03/08 you leave school and go to the hospital. You now have to answer the questions correctly to start the true ending.The questions and answers are there. Part 2 to this starts in March, YOU HAVE TO DO CERTAIN THINGS TO GET TRUE ENDING.There is a list of things to do and people yo have to talk to in order.
    When you do all of this and get true ending, you get to go to another dungeon, but to do Elizabeths final battle,READ the secret bosses section there.

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  2. LOL ..
    Check the walkthrough

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