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How do I fuse/find a Grimehkala?

I've checked a bunch of FAQs and I still haven't found an answer.

ChocoXCheese provided additional details:

Thank you so much. I actually checked there for the recipe, but both I and the site spelled it wrong like three times and I didn't bother searching for it manually instead of ctrl + F. Lesson learned: Don't rely on the computer/your own spelling ability.

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rikku32 answered:

There is a website, persona4.wikidot , that has a lot of information for this game. The fusion recipes for Grimehkala which is at level 48 are as follows: Yatsufusa- Level 49 + Undine- Level 33 or Setanta- Level 34 + Lilith- Level 53. So with these two recipes you will have to wait, until you can get them. But go to the website to find more about this.
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