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How do I make ultimate personas?

Like the ones that I unlock by maxing out S.Links? (Ex. Mada)

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AzureLivesOn answered:

Maxing an S. Link gives you the 'key item' to fuse the Ultimate Persona (ie. Chie's Wristbands, Yukiko's Shrine Charm, etc). These add the fusion recipe to your fusion formulas when you visit the Velvet Room. They can only be fused after June 8th, when Igor unlocks Cross, Pentagonal, and Hexagonal Fusions, and require you to be 70-80+ in level to gain access to the formula (for example: Black Frost is a Cross Fusion of Jack Frost, Pyro Jack, Ghoul, and Pixie. You can have all four personas to make Black Frost, but unless you're lvl 37 it won't activate- like a normal persona fusion).

Once these requirements are met, you'll find the fusion recipes under their respective catagories (Chariot and Priestess were Pentagonal, Sun was Hexagonal). Now just find/fuse the personas needed and go nuts.
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