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Saving my Moon Tsukubame?

This Shadow Kanji guy is really really disgusting!! Especially his Swift Strike! How can I survived from that nasty attack?! I want to save my Moon Tsukubame!! Cause I've spend 5 on way to meet him, and all I have now is 3 Moon Tsukubames!

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henryusa1 answered:

Do as the other players are telling you. You are not so far from the beginning so I will recommend you this: Try to start the game again from the beginning in easy( of course) and every time you enter a new dungeon try to level up as much as you can before going to the boss battle. Bosses are pretty toughs to fight and must of the time you are going to need strong personas to fight them. By having strong personas you will have less worries of dying easily and you will not need your moon tsukubames . This is just a recommendation if do not want to do it, just level up a little more before fighting Kanji's shadow. I suggest you take care of Tough Guy first because he is the
easiest one to get rid off OR you can go after Nice Guy because of his
support abilities. Good Luck with the rest of the game.
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projectgenesis answered:

Sorry to ask this, but what is moon tsukubame?? i nver find that item...
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Misakari answered:

Well, I guess you have no choice but to make your persona stronger. I have no Moon Tsukubames left and I haven't reach that area where Kanji, the boss, is.

If I may ask, is the Moon Tsukubame only available in the Easy gameplay? Because I tried the Normal but there's no Moon Tsukubames! I know! Shocking!

To answer "projectgenesis" question, a Moon Tsukubame is used to heal you or all the other unconscious players. I'm not sure yet, but I think it can only be used in the easy gameplay.

Hope this helps :]
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Insisiengmay answered:

Dude just do what I do get a persona that has a lot of endurance and strength and can use Rakuda use should be able to beat him no problem and dude your in beginner mode so it shounldn't be getting killed that easy and to answer the first guys question you can't find moon tsukubames you can only get them on easy
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twlightqueen88 answered:

moon tsukubames a re only in easy mode. If you want to save them you should level up your persona and keep trying to combine new ones.
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fireismygame answered:

Well first of all make sure you have a least one persona that is resisted to physical attacks for that battle. While fighting him, I recommend that you have Yosuke cast Dekaja after every turn that the Nice Guy casts a status boosting spell. By doing so will not only lower the chance of Kanji's Shadow from causing a critical, but will also cause the Nice Guy to waste another turn by recasting this rather than healing the others. Even with though still there is a likely that the Nice Guy will switch it up so I recommend taking it out first. Once thats squared away, take out the Tough Guy as it should go down pretty fast. Once both of them are done with Shadow Kanji should be a breeze as he is not resistant to most spells. The down side of this strategy is that Dekaja does not affect Power Charge so you may still taking a beating, but hopefully my tips will help you be successful in this battle.
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