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How do I get Quests in foggy december?

Ok, I'm on December 8th, fog's everywhere and I can't find the twin sisters in the floodplain and an old man in northern section of the shopping street to acquire the quests... that's the only two quests left to finish the 50 in the game.
Please, help me,I overwrited my save 15 minutes ago... there's no turning back now... and 2nd playthrough only in other life, this game is tough as heck and very time consuming.
BTW, what's the reward for finishing all the quests?

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master_of_jak answered:

There is no reward for completing all of the quests.

As for the twins, they left at the beginning of December.
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AzureLivesOn answered:


Due to the public's overall paranoia over the fog being dangerous to humans (which essentially they are right), almost all of the quest NPCs are missing in December. Same reason why every shop except Daidara and Shiroku start shutting down as you get closer to the Christmas Eve deadline. Fear that the fog is poison forced them to retreat to their homes.

Sorry, but I'm afraid that you won't be completing them.
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