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Stronger Izanagi?

How can I fuse an Izanagi with Ziodyne, Primal Force and Absorb Wind skills?

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feel2c answered:

To make a stronger Izanagi, you need to inherit those skills (Ziodyne, Primal Force and Absorb Wind) to Yomotsu-shikome and Obariyon because the only way to re-fuse Izanagi is using these two Personas as ingredient.
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arfi1234 answered:

Well just beat the game first with True ending, and load the New game+ data.
wait until 10 July(or June i forgot) use izanagi and the other persona to fusing the Izanagi-No-Okami but first you have to get level 91.
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xeare answered:

^ If I'm not mistaken, if the system from P3 was retained, fusing two personas of a similar arcana would result to a lower persona of given arcana, so he could use the next two personas above Izanagi in the Fool arcana, and they should fuse form an Izanagi again.
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