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Asked: 6 years ago

Inheritable spec.skills?

I fused Yoshitsune on 24 December and he get Debilitate. I wanted to give that skill to Metatron or Satan, I spend a lot of time, but that skill didnt appear on their skill list. And Hell Biker don't gets Ragnarok from Surt, but in P3FES he get. Also, it seems that Satan's Black Viper can't be inheritated too, but in P3FES Lucifer get it. So in P4 some skills can't be inheritate, right?

Accepted Answer

From: shadouknite 6 years ago

It's true. Some skills are not inheritable. Here's the list and which Persona they belong to:
Heaven's Blade (MIchael and Metatron), Pralaya (Shiva), Hassou Tobi (Yoshitsune), Ragnarok (Surt), Niflheim (Loki), Thunder Reign (Thor), Panta Rhei (Odin), Black Viper (Satan), Morning Star (Helel), Samsara (Daisoujou), Die for Me! (Alice), Heat Riser (Yoshitsune and Trumpeter), Debilitate (Trumpeter and Norn), Unshaken Will (Asura).

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