Question from dimshade

Asked: 6 years ago

How can I get more chest keys?

The amount chest keys and the locked chests seems way off. I had 6 keys one me and after 2 floors, all gone. And little chests almost never drop keys. Is it always this off?

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From: EvilPrince88 6 years ago

Search for them in chests in dungeons you've already cleared.
Trade for them while fishing.
Defeat the "gold hand" enemies in dungeons.

probably another way I missed but these tips should be useful, happy hunting!!!

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It was for me...I usually get the majority of my keys from trading in fish I caught.

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Trading in the appropriate fish of that day to the old man by the river, or go through low level dungeons (Yukiko's castle or Kanji's place) and open up all the normal chests, you can get a lot of them either way.

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The most likely way to get chest keys is to use the capsule machines outside of the item shop on rainy days, and call the lady out when your prize gets stuck.

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Or you could go into an easy dunegon and hope you get some.

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Pat the fox head often and if your lucky you will get chest key or snuff soul....

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Grind at lower level dungeons..exploration of regular chests

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Save all your chest keys and use them up on the final dungeon.

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