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How shoulld I plan my schedule for the rest of the game now?

Right now I'm on Nov. 22 and during one of the days left before Nov. 28 I should go tackle Heaven dungeon again.

The biggest difficulty I have right now is that I have a total of 20 daytime S-Links (not counting any of Margaret's, since I have 9 more for her) left to do, and I have exactly 23 days left to complete them (Nov. 22 to Nov. 27, Dec. 8 to Dec. 24).

Is it possible for me to use up 1 day to go through Heaven again, and use up 2 days to complete the normal ending dungeon? And most importantly, will I be able to complete all S. Links before moving on to the true ending dungeon? Thanks.

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P.S. Are any of those days where I visit Nanako that vital?

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Thanks for the reply, but actually Heaven is first available on Nov. 22 -_-
Also I already made sure to go see the fox before actually getting the last S. Link, which I'll keep for the very last day. I think I've also prepared myself to be able to access the last S. Link for Temperance. As for the rest in school, I'm not sure if I'll get the "you spent some time with character" bit...

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master_of_jak answered:

Yesterday would have been the best chance to tackle Heaven again, as it had no S. Links available. As for tackling twenty levels in twenty-three days, I'd advise you tighten that schedule a bit in case you get the dreaded "You spent some time with character" bits.

And none of the Nanako days are really that vital, all they do is improve your allies' S. Link points a bit.
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