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List of personae with Str/Abs/Rfl/Null Physical?

Or at least the lowest leveled few? I want to beat the Pringle King and I don't feel like waiting until I'm a higher level to do so.

Accepted Answer

feel2c answered:

From the site, persona4.wikidot

Resist Physical: Slime (7), Obariyon (17), Oni (33), Genbu (45), Decarabia (52), Nidhoggr (60), Jinn (65)
Null Physical: Shiki-Ouji (62), Abaddon (62), Jinn (67), Thor (69), Ardha (96)
Repel Physical: Rangda (55), Girimehkala (56), Arahabaki (80)
Absorb Physical: Mara (66)
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