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How do I beat each bosses?

When is the due of each Shadow bosses? (i know in foggy weather but exactly what month and day?)

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Ferriswheel31 answered:

If you look at the weekly forecast, you can tell easily when the deadline for defeating the current dungeon you're on is. After the midnight channel scene that you can see clearly (the one right before they meet up and mention who was in it, possibilities of why they were targeted, etc), the nearest time where it is raining at least two consecutive *EVENINGS* (If it rains in the afternoon and night, but stops the morning after, fog will *NOT* appear) in a row is the last day you have before you get game over. However, if you saved recently before this and can't possibly make it, Igor will send you back a week's time.

So basically, just pay attention to the weather forecast. You typically have at least two weeks to do it, sometimes more.
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