Question from Three_Leaf_Ivy

Asked: 6 years ago

Do S. Link points carry over between rank ups?

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If you go over the required number of points to get the next rank up event in a S. Link, do they carry over towards the next one? I'm far more concerned about this than I was in P3 because of the abundant increase in opportunities to increase S. Link points outside of actually hanging out with a single S. Link character, such as the early bedtime dreams, shrine prayers, giving classmates answers in class, and such. I think there was a time where hung out with Kou+Daisuke (Strength) and Yosuke (Magician) simultaneously, increasing the points of both.

Accepted Answer

From: AsWeFall 6 years ago

No. Once you rank up, you're on a blank slate; an excess of points does not carry over unless you've had an increase right AFTER the rank up dialogue.

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