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Freezing Siegfried?

How can I get a Siegfried with a Bufudyne attack. I have tried many times but there's no luck for me. Do you have idea how can i get this for Siegfried with a Absorb Wind or Null Wind Skill?

Accepted Answer

feel2c answered:

Siegfried's inherit type is Physical so there is no way you can inherit any magic spell to him normally. If you really want to get Bufudyne to him, the only way is rely on Skill Change Fusion Forecast day.

As for Absorb Wind or Null Wind, Siegfried can inherit it. The Persona who can learn these skill are:
-Null Wind: Sarasvati (level 23), Oukuninushi (47), Satan (82)
-Repel Wind: Garuda (62), Helel (91)
-Absorb Wind: Lachesis (55), Horus (73), Ishtar (77)
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Ghafiqijati answered:

Cause siegfried IS a strenght arcana , so it would be very rare chance to a strenght arcana having an elemental attacks or resistance !
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