Question from Blody_roar

Where can I get Persona 4 song?

I wanna listen to Persona 4 song.

demonsword765 asked for clarification:

Specify please.

Blody_roar provided additional details:

I want to listen to Persona 4 song but I don't know which website can download Persona 4 song...
thx AzureLivesOn but how t download it??

Blody_roar provided additional details:

Can the Persona 4 song I put in my Handphone to hear it all the time???

Blody_roar provided additional details:

I already try but I can hear the song but I can't copy it to my Disk...
How can I get a Persona 4 song and copy it to my Disk???

Accepted Answer

mstieler answered:

Once you click on a song you want, when the song loads up, you can right-click on "Download from the Cobalt Server" or "Download from the Lambda Server" (or I'm assuming other servers). From there you can save the file to your computer.
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AzureLivesOn answered:

Has the entire Persona 4 soundtrack available for download, including tracks from the bonus second disc only included with the Persona 4 Social Link Pack available on (the game itself comes with a smaller soundtrack).
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DarlCheMiST answered:

I have try and i can get it. I try mstieler instruction and that's working. Maybe you should try it too.
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