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How can I fulfil Margareth's request 1? ( Ippon Dattara)

I have fused Ippon-Dattara with Sukukaja inherit skill, but it doesn't give any changes with the Empress Arcana , and when I talked to Margareth, she also says the same things like " I would like to see Ippon-Dattara"
what shoul i do? Please someone help me.. ><

sherlika provided additional details:

and additional question, where can we find "extra Boss in Shopping District" ? which is Yousuke's place at first place? thanks

Accepted Answer

Lusankya1 answered:

Use this FAQ or this wiki:
h**p:// (replace * with t)

In short:
Make a Ippon-datara(Hermit) with the Skill Sukukaja

Required Lv 17

Possible Fusions

(Temperance) Sylph(Sukukaja) X (Justice) Archangel

(Death) Ghoul(LV10:Sukukaja) X (Fool) Obariyon

I don't know what extra boss you mean. Yosuke's "Dungeon" (where you fought Shadow Yosuke) doesn't have an extra boss. But you can find a new weapon there, when you visit the place again on May 1st or later. All bosses and extra bosses appear only in the dungeons.
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