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How to catch a big and huge fish ?

Everytime i go fishing,what i caught is just normal fish,like inaba trout,genji ayu,amber seema,red goldfish,etc..

so,how to catch big fishes ?

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Aaarrrgghhh..i still don't get it :-( !!!

sometime when i count the time between i throw the lure 'til the fish bait,it's take a long time..about 3 seconds+..and what i caught is just genji ayu.

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Ohh i see..does the genji ayu is the biggest fish i have caught ? (between amber seema,red gold fish,inaba trout,etc)

oh yeah..i more often fishing at night,does the big and huge fish only appear at day,or night too ? and what time they more often appear ? in day or night time ?

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AsWeFall answered:

You can either go on rainy days or December, that's when huge fish will come out. When fishing, you'll notice either faint or stronger vibrations when the fish nibble at the floater (if you're playing this on a PS2 it'll vibrate, some PS3 owners report that they can't feel vibrations). If you can't feel vibrations, you'll just have to count the seconds in between the ripples at the floater. If the interval between vibrations is about 3 seconds, it's a huge fish. If it's around 5 seconds, it's a Guardian (if you're on or have completed the Hermit 9-> 10 quest).
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mstieler answered:

You need to fish while it's raining. If you're trying to catch larger fish, when you first drop your line in the water, see how short the time is in between "bites" on the lure. A longer gap in between "bites" will be a bigger fish. If you don't like what the "bite gap" is looking like, press O to toss your line again to keep both your bait and your cast (the number of times you can fish at a time).
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mstieler answered:

Okay, so you now know what the "bite timing" is for Genji Ayu & Huge Fish. Huge Fish seem to make the controller vibrate more than Genji Ayu.
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mstieler answered:

Huge Fish are only available while it's raining. It can be day or night.
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Ayahana answered:

Well, you can catch any of the fish, but the guardian on any day, but it's easier when it's raining or foggy in December, but you need to have an anglar set to catch the guardian. To get the anglar set you have to complete all off the requests from the fox, but the last one.
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