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How to get to day 3/20 to get true ending?

In it says that to get the true ending, first in 3/20 we have to talk to all we made max with but how to get to day 3/20? We also beat the final boss way before day 3/20 please help and explain it from the beginning what to do step by step so that I can understand

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rikku32 answered:

The final boss- not secret boss is Adachi , you need to beat him before Dec. 23rd. On Dec.23rd you will get a text message about a christmas eve invitation. After the Dec. 24th the game skips ahead to 3/20 & you get the normal ending. To get the true ending you need to talk to all the s-links that you maxed. You will be asked if you want to return home, choose no.Go to Junes and check the elevator, you will be asked again if you want to return home, choose no.Check the elevator again and choose I'm not finished yet, and then say yes.After the ensuing event go to the flood plain and talk to Dojima & Nanako.Go to the velvet room next and you will receive the Orb of Light from Igor. Leave the velvet room and go to the gas station, talk to the gas station att. Before entering the TV stock up on what ever you need, because once you enter the TV , you can't come back out. If you want to you can go back to previous dungeons to get more exp.
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rikku32 answered:

Money , items, weapons, armour or acc. Be warned the final dungeon is pretty hard and the last boss is a pain.
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