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How do I FIND the Reaper/Death?

I know that the Reaper will be a dark and terrifying presence in a normal chest, but finding a chest like that is rather random and time consuming. What are tricks to increase the chances of the Reaper being in a chest? Heard that if Lovers is reversed all chests will have Reaper, how do you tick her off and reconcile later? If Lovers is maxed, are there any other tricks to get the Reaper or just grind through the levels opening all the chests?

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Ok, I'm on the second playthrough and I know that Death is in some of the boxes in place of traps. Thing is that he only shows up about 5% of the time in any of the dungeons before Adachi's. Other than reversing Lovers (How do you do that and later reconcile with her?) which turns ALL chests into Death, is there any other way of increasing the chance of finding him as I've already maxed Lovers?

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So you're saying there are no tricks to increase chances of encountering Death in chests other than pure chance. That of the dungeons Adachi's, Magatsu Inaba, has the highest probability of meeting Death and the Lover's arcana being reversed only increases Red shadows but not Death encounters. Bother. Any else notice that the last level of Magatsu Inaba shadows give the most exp in the game, even more so than the Ultimate boss' dungeon?

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feel2c answered:

To encounter The Reaper, you need to start New Game+. Once you played New Game+, those Treasure Chest with Trap will now replaced by The Reaper. But don't worry, if the treasure chest contain The Reaper, the game will warn you.

The best place to find The Reaper is Magatsu dungeon because this place got the highest chances.
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feel2c answered:

The Reaper encounter rate has nothing to do with Rise or your other girlfriends.
I guess what you saw is related to Arcana Chance. Lover Reserve Arcana Chance will make strong red shadows temporarily increase, but I don't think it can increase The Reaper chance either. Besides, to draw the right Arcana Chance is not easy.
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kingdomking777 answered:

the place i find him the most is in Magatsu Inaba
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