Question from SoujiX

Does anyone know where to buy persona 4 official t-shirt(yellow) size M?

I have tried looking for it in ebay, but no results. I want to collect all merchandise for Persona 4, since I'm a big fan. I will appreciate any information.

shadouknite asked for clarification:

Amazon has the expansion pack that includes the grey Konohana Sakuya shirt, but that's the only shirt I know about. The yellow mine might be part of a japanese package which means you might be able to find it on Play Asia.

Accepted Answer

kitzkospazm answered:

If you and I are thinking about the same shirt, that particular one was given away at the SMT Panel at Anime Expo 2008. Keep trying ebay, I'm sure someone will put it up eventually.

Although, if you're thinking about the new one with Teddie on it then I think that one will be released by COSPA in a few months. If that's the case then try looking around sites that sell anime or game related goods.
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