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Asked: 6 years ago

How exactly are items given out by teammates in cleared dungeons?

I noticed that in dungeons, you sometimes find teammates that aren't in your party just chilling in a room. When spoken to, they give unique consumable items.

Yosuke: Junes Lunch, Furufuru Throat Drop
Chie: Meat gum, Beef Skillet DX, Chie's Muffin (lovers only)
Yukiko: Calorie Magic, Amagi Manju, Yukiko's Lunch (lovers only)
Kanji: Bony Rice Cracker, Mama's Lunch
Teddie: Snack Sampler, Yummy Gummy
Naoto: Motivation Mega Mini, Milk Chocolate, Naoto's Chocolate (lovers only?)

Will any of these items become missable once you max their s.links or become lovers relationship with the girls?

EX: if in lovers relationship (and max social link) with Chie, will meat gum and beef skillet dx still be possible rewards? OR max social link with Kanji and bony rice cracker still possible reward?

Accepted Answer

From: OshareKeiji 6 years ago

Only the last item is considered the missable if you didn't go with the lovers relationship with any of the girls.

For the guys, you'll get one of everything regardless of the circumstances.

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