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Shoe Locker Items?

Of the 4 that can be gotten from the shoe locker, only 2 are unique - Odd Morsel and Muscle Drink.

I got the Odd Morsel the same day the 1st test results were posted (5/19), where I got the highest score.

Are any of the 2 missable? Say that I didn't check the shoe locker on 5/19 will I never get it again? I'm asking because I don't recall getting it on my first playthrough, rather it was the Segaki Rice i got first. I did not get the highest score that time so is it test result based? If so, which date does the Muscle Drink appear?

Accepted Answer

OshareKeiji answered:

There are no set dates. What you get in the shoe locker is totally random.

You can miss Muscle Drink if it never appears, but it's not really a great item to start with. Odd Morsel comes as a freebie in one of the TV Tanaka offers.
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