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How do you fuse Ardha ?

Ardha. please help

Accepted Answer

dvdboys answered:

Your main character must be at lvl 90.

-Ardha (Judgement lvl 90):
Unique fusion: Shiva (Tower lvl 80) x Parvati (Priestess lvl 37).

*Shiva (Tower lvl 80)
Unique fusion: Rangda (Magician lvl 47) x Barong (Emperor lvl 65).
Must max Tower social link. (Unlock Tower social link by accepting tutor job).

*Parvati (Priestess lvl 37).
Fusion: Matador (Death lvl 24) x Alraune (Moon lvl 41) or
Andra (Moon lvl 20) x Yatsufusa (Hanged lvl 49).
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