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Asked: 6 years ago

When is the last for Fortune S. Link?

Also, does one visit to see Nanako increase the chances of successfully S. Links with people? If not, what consequences do have have for not visiting?

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Plus do I have to max every party members' S. Link to be able to open up the True Ending dungeon?

Additional details - 6 years ago

Thanks, but does visiting Nanako increase S. Link points though? Once I move into December, I'll have exactly 6 days to finish Naoto's S. Link (is the last day really the 21st?), plus I realized I'll have trouble finishing Rise's S. Link on the same month as well.

Accepted Answer

From: MetalSphere 6 years ago

No, do you don't need to visit Nanako to get S. Link bonus points. There are no consequences, but it doesn't hurt to visit just so you see as much of the game as possible.

And you don't have to max every party member's Social Link to get the true ending dungeon. Simply speak to all your max S. Link people until the game prompts you by saying you've spoken to them all and asks you if you want to return home. Say no and follow the instructions in the P4 guide to unlock the final dungeon.

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