Question from fantasymaster45

Can you fuse the evolved personas and Izanami?

Well it sucks to get through the game and not have th evolved personas and Izanami wouldkicks ass as a persona.

Accepted Answer

MysticPower answered:

If you are talking about the evolved forms of the supporting casts Personas, then no, they cannot be fused with any other Persona. This includes Izanami, who is not an obtainable Persona to begin with (or a Persona, for that matter).
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aeromantis answered:

Hahaha.. Izanami is not a persona. It's he Final boss to the true ending. So u wont fuse any persona with Izanami
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sevenheadedmirr answered:

you have to fuse adachi and the guy from Hirophant -Nanako's dad forgot her name- with Misato's persona... jejeje
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