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I don't understand! How to fish?!

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lightsage57 answered:

Choose that you want to fish from the dock, and the screen will change. Now, keep your eye on the bobber, and watch it bob for a while. When the bobber goes completely under, and you hear a plunk sound, hit O to start reeling. Now, repeatedly tap the O button to reel the fish in. If you watch, sometimes another button will appear above your head; you don't have to push it, but if you do in a short window after it appears, you gain a good amount of distance for reeling the fish in.
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NekoIndra answered:

To start fishing. Talk to the old man at the Riverbed and he'll give you a fishing rod.
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mushroom_buddy answered:

Talk to the old dude for a fishing rod, and then talk to him again to start fishing. Wait for a while, and when you feel a big vibration real it in.
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