Question from knightblazer85

How can i fuse Loki?

I'm near the end of the game.

I want to create Loki. but i dont have access to Vishnu or Ishtar.

I've maxed out every Social Link Except the Empress and Judgement

and i dont have the time to finish the Lovers, Fortune, Hermit and Temperence.

is there a way for me to fuse Loki without Ishtar, Vishnu or Ongoyo-Ki?

Accepted Answer

Mathurin47 answered:

Loki has no special requirements other than having the Fool Social Link maxed. All you need are the right arcana to yield a Fool that is of greater level than 56. The combinations are many so just fill all your empty slots with some shuffle persona and try combining them into random triangle fusions until you get Loki. It sounds like you in the December dungeon. The levels of those shuffle persona should be in the 60s which is sufficient for Loki.
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Saucium answered:

I seem to remember fusing Skadi with one other persona. I remember this much because I managed to get Ice Boost from Skadi onto Loki.

Unfortunately, it was a while ago and I forgot what that other one was. Try playing around with the high level personas of the other Arcana. If I remember, I'll let you know.
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