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Card shuffle help?

I'm trying to fuse Ongyo-ki at the moment, but since I don't have much money, I've been trying to find the personas I need using card shuffle.

I've already found Sui-ki in Magatsu Mandala, but does anyone know which areas I need to search to find Kin-ki, Fuu-ki and Oni? Or are any of them only available by fusion?

Thanks~ ^^

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Bulzeeb3088 answered:

I'm not sure which ones can be found through shuffle time, so I'm just gonna speculate based on their level:
(Info taken from Zoel's guide)

Kin-ki Lvl 54: Maybe around the end of Naoto's dungeon or beginning of Heaven
Fusion: (Tower) Cu Chulain x (Sun) Yatagarasu
Or (Hangedman) Yatsufusa x (Empress) Gorgon x (Sun) Yatagarasu

Fuu-ki Lvl 43: End of Mitsuo's or beginning of Naoto's dungeon
Fusion: (Magician) Jack Frost x (Moon) Alraune

Oni Lvl 30: Probably Rise's dungeon
Fusion: (Hangedman) Makami x (Fool) Ose
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