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I'm really having a hard time to unlock kanji's dungeon?

Im talking and talking to the boy in blue bur the thing he keeps telling me is go see her mother. What should i do??

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Thanks in a million rikku32 :)

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rikku32 answered:

On 5-18 ( Talk to Teddie in the Tv world. He cannot sense the victims presence and suggests that you get some more personal information. So that he can have something to focus on.
Return and talk to Kanji's mother outside of the Textiles Shop. She will tell the party about Kanji talking to some short guy.Go to Junes and talk to the lady near the elevator, she will tell you, that the short guy might come back tomorrow. You need to return the next day, 5-19.
On 5-19 go back to Junes and the short guy will be there, talk to the short guy. After the conversation enter the elevator and select go into the TV. Talk to Teddie , he will finally unlock the Kanji dungeon.
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