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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find Soma?

Where can I find or buy Soma?

Accepted Answer

From: EvilPrince88 6 years ago

1) I guess treasure chests would be a good place to start, but its all luck.
2) you get one from the history after getting highest score on the last exam.
3) you can buy another from the Shopping Channel on September 18 and November 20
4) Finish quest 49; requires you feed the cat about 10 times

There are probably more, so keep looking.

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The only way I found out how to get soma is to have found it in a dungeon treasure chest.

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Try to reach top ten/Highest score in Exams,after then talk to the history teacher.Near the stairway in your left after you left your classroom,she will give you a Soma.And try to look for chests in dungeon(Depends on high luck).

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